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Lungta Tibet Suport Group

Lungta is a non-governmental non-profit organization of people with an interest in Tibet, Tibetan culture and Tibetan way of life. It was founded in 1997 and has always been based solely on the work of volunteers. Lungta's aim is twofold: to provide financial and material support to different projects inside Tibet and in Tibetan communities in India and to raise awareness of the Czech public about the current situation in Tibet and all aspects of the Tibetan issue.

Lungta is based in Prague, but it is a part of an international network of Tibet support groups speaking out for Tibet. In the Czech Republic it closely cooperates with different NGOs and the media to disseminate information about Tibet among the Czech public. Thanks to successful major public activities, like organizing two public talks by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and arranging a performance by the TIPA in Prague, Lungta has acquired a considerable reputation in the Czech society over the six years of its existence.

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Remember Tibet

Our mission is to support Tibetans living in Tibet and in exile,
draw attention to human rights violations and raise awareness
about the unique culture and religious identity of the Tibetan people.